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Fruits of the Spirit: Self Control

by Leslea Lehoucq

This week in Sunday school the students will be studying–and hopefully personally wrestling with–self-control. To prepare for the lesson, I’ve been reading online lesson plans, parenting articles and biblical commentaries. And additionally examining my own issues with self-control! This morning I drove Catherine to school  and found myself impatient with her as she slowly got […]


by Leslea Lehoucq

Today the pageant died. I had picked a pageant out back at the end of October or beginning of November, one we had done in the past, so that I could be prepared with something but not have to plan immediately with all the intervening activities–a Fall Fiesta, Advent wreaths, a St. Nicholas party, not […]

Building up the family of God

by Leslea Lehoucq

For a long time I’ve juggled the idea of writing a blog. I often find that the writings of others, in blog form, give me an “ah ha!” moment, new ideas, or support in a time of struggle when I hear a message of “me too.” I’ve contemplated writing about my family, but it seems […]