Church picnic at Sandia Lakes

We love to have opportunities to gather together to worship, celebrate, and EAT! Here are some of the social, intergenerational activities we host each year:

Parish Picnic – Each fall we gather as a parish family with a worship service combined with outdoor food and fun.

Blessing of the Animals – To celebrate the Feast of St. Francis each fall, St. Chad’s hosts a “Blessing of the Animals” service in early October. Parishioners and community members at large are invited to bring their animals, large and small, to be blessed. The children provide snacks and “toys” for the animals.


Blessing of the Animals

St. Nicholas Event – We celebrate St. Nicholas as a way to bridge the story between Santa Claus and the birth of Jesus. The event combines several activities such as cookie decorating, ornament making, scarf making, dinner and stories about St. Nicholas. Some cookies are donated to fire departments and our scarves are donated to the homeless. Lots of fun and learning for all ages. Come join us and bring your friends.


St. Nicholas ornament making

Chili Cook-off – Each January the St. Chad’s chapter of Brotherhood of St. Andrew hosts a chili cook-off dinner. Parishioners–and even friends of the parish–are encouraged to bring a pot of their chili to compete. This dinner is coupled with the Epiphany celebration and worship service.

Epiphany Celebration – The Epiphany celebration is a time to remember the Wise Men who came looking for the Messiah after his birth. We celebrate with a few activities, a worship service and round things out with the Brotherhood’s chili cook-off.

Shrove Tuesday 2012

Shrove Tuesday pancake crew

Shrove Tuesday – Another event hosted by the Brotherhood of St. Andrew is a Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner. Shrove Tuesday–also known as Fat Tuesday–is the evening before Ash Wednesday and lent begins. We gather to enjoy pancakes, maple bacon and good company.


Palm Saturday “Walk Through Holy Week”

Palm Saturday – Each Palm Saturday–the day before Palm Sunday–St. Chad’s hosts a diocese-wide “Walk Through Holy Week” event. Christian Formation leaders from around the diocese lead craft activities, make “tomb rolls” and share a lovely worship service. And, of course, we have a potluck dinner.