The Episcopal church, established shortly after the American Revolution, has its roots in the Anglican Church. The Anglican Church, known as the Church of England, had a strong following in colonial America. But when the colonies won their independence, the majority of America’s Anglican clergy refused to swear allegiance to the British monarch as was required. As a result, the Episcopal Church was formed.  — from the Episcopal Church of US website,

Our liturgy, or worship service, is deeply rooted in tradition and the celebration of Christ’s resurrection through the Eucharist service. We pray, take communion, and through our Baptismal vows, we promise to work for justice, peace, and “respect the dignity of every human being.”

Episcopalians pride ourselves in our inclusiveness and we strive to welcome all those who are seeking a relationship with God.

St. Chad’s is first and foremost a Christian church. Additionally, we are an Episcopal Church in the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, NM. If you would like to know more about our beliefs as Episcopalians, please visit the Episcopal Church website.